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Spitfire Trench Art

Earlier this year our RetroBomb Magazine team pulled together the ingredients for what became one of my favorite vintage aircraft and fashion shoots. Subject of the shoot was a New Zealand based designer Martin de Ruyter’s accessories under the name Spitfire Trench Art, a World War Two trench art inspired line of cuff-links, pendants,  brooches and more, fashioned from English 3 pence coins or .303 shell casings. Martin learned the trade from his grandfather who had crafted the same style pieces while on break building Spitfire fighters during the war.
Kelly the Flying Pinup and her incredibly talented partner Nick (aka the flying engineer) both modeled and arranged access to the two vintage aircraft I’d never gotten to spend time with previously, a DeHavilland Leopard Moth, and a DeHavilland Gypsy Moth at Boonah Airfield. Styling was courtesy of Bec at Blackbirds Emporium. The below gallery shows both our shoot for Spitfire Trench Art, and some of the other fun we had on the airfield. Enjoy.


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