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new website – fresh install

I knew something was amiss when my old site login page was throwing permissions errors at my admin login, but being busy at the time and there being no outward display of site issues I put fixing it to the back burners till this week. Cue: 16hrs ago, logged into FTP to see if some clue as to the error is visible in the file structure itself. I spotted timestamps on changes to setup files that ought to have been left well alone and a new file x.txt which boasted the site had in fact been compromised, so that finds me here at 4am with an entirely new site and an even more secure firewall in place.

I’m a photographer by trade but I am very thankful of years of web tinkering and some time spent as a digital agency web and software producer.  I really to prefer to be a photographer, designer, and image retoucher than to lose a day to securing a website. If the crew who went to so much trouble locking me out of the old site knew it was waiting on a rebranding and they’d wasted time, then good.

Vixens4Veterans US Tour 2014

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