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Mad Men styling

Join us for classic 50s and 60s Mad Men themed photoshoots.

Few styles can beat the ultra classy 1950s and 1960s Mad Men theme and we’re running efficiently paced photoshoots to capture that with classic cars for a very affordable price.

On April 3rd 2016, we’re going to host a series of 15min shoots for just $95 providing 2 finished magazine submission ready retouched images from your selection of proofs, and the chance to be submitted into RetroBomb Magazine. This shoot will be held at a Brisbane location yet to be disclosed.
_MGP1999-EditModels need to arrive on time with outfit, hair and makeup ready to go. Bookings will be from 3pm till 6pm in 15min blocks. First bookings paid get first choice on times. This is a heavily discounted shoot so bookings will be paid in full via PayPal up front. All fields on the following form are required for the booking. Upon booking details will be emailed about location which will be within Brisbane.


PayPal invoices will be sent to the email addresses used in the above form.

Mad Men Styling

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