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If you ever get Facebook’s White Screen of Death…

If you ever log into Facebook and it gives you an ALL white screen, one that has no menus, no logout, no escape, and if you tried cookie clearance, and password resets, and browser switching, and even switching computers all fails on you, then try this:

1: Go to https://business.facebook.com

2: From there either create or log into your Facebook business account,

3: Then connect one or more of your pages to manage via that business account, or create a new page from that business account

from then, your personal Facebook ought to function correctly again.
Facebook itself has no ‘how-to’ for this bug of theirs, it was a help forum user discovered fix.
Note that if you add one of your business pages to your business account then it is no longer found in your fav lists in left navigation. Why does Facebook do that? Probably to push you through the Business site side and drop you into the buying advertising mode.

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