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AerialPro Photo Air 2 Air with Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights

P-51D Mustang - The Undertaker

Last week I enjoyed a two day booking to shoot with a P-51D Mustang – The Undertaker flying at sunset over Wivenhoe Dam for Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights and Brisbane Valley Airshow promo shoot and later to capture that again in formation with Yak3U R2000 SteadFast the world record holding Reno Racer warbird as well as a a classic Waco biplane separately along the Sunshine Coast beaches.

Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights is a new collaboration of pilots and warbird owners with a stunning collection of classic fighters in Brisbane. What started with purchase and import to Australia of world record holding Reno Racing warbird ‘SteadFast‘ the Yak3U with an R2000 engine, followed by the only USAF P-51D downunder ‘The Undertaker’, and more recently an Aero L-39C fighter jet trainer added to the fleets Yak-52 and T-6 Harvard. Their new hangar homes a purpose built facility with panoramic views of the Brisbane City, offers each client first-class service to ensure their adventure is uniquely memorable and enjoyable. Without comparison, Fighter Pilot integrates the most elite combination of customer service, high-performance former military aircraft and multi-media course presentations available in the aviation industry. Their team have flown thousands of customers, each having had a wonderful, thrilling and rewarding experience with their team of adventure experts and after flying with them a few times, I’m more than happy to share some images to show the style and level of fun of these flights.



Back on the ground, we grabbed some sunset captures of the fighters at Archerfield Airport

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