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AerialPro Photo Air 2 Air with Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights

P-51D Mustang - The Undertaker

Last week I enjoyed a two day booking to shoot with a P-51D Mustang – The Undertaker flying at sunset over Wivenhoe Dam for Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights and Brisbane Valley Airshow promo shoot and later to capture that again in formation with Yak3U R2000 SteadFast the world record holding Reno Racer warbird as well as a a classic Waco biplane separately along the Sunshine Coast beaches.

Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights is a new collaboration of pilots and warbird owners with a stunning collection of classic fighters in Brisbane. What started with purchase and import to Australia of world record holding Reno Racing warbird ‘SteadFast‘ the Yak3U with an R2000 engine, followed by the only USAF P-51D downunder ‘The Undertaker’, and more recently an Aero L-39C fighter jet trainer added to the fleets Yak-52 and T-6 Harvard. Their new hangar homes a purpose built facility with panoramic views of the Brisbane City, offers each client first-class service to ensure their adventure is uniquely memorable and enjoyable. Without comparison, Fighter Pilot integrates the most elite combination of customer service, high-performance former military aircraft and multi-media course presentations available in the aviation industry. Their team have flown thousands of customers, each having had a wonderful, thrilling and rewarding experience with their team of adventure experts and after flying with them a few times, I’m more than happy to share some images to show the style and level of fun of these flights.



Back on the ground, we grabbed some sunset captures of the fighters at Archerfield Airport

Dread Kitty Overlord – the Steampunk Cat

Dread Kitty Overlord – the Steampunk Cat

Dread Kitty Overlord - the Steampunk Cat

Dread Kitty Overlord – the Steampunk Cat

Lunken Airfield Warbird slideshow

Lunken Airfield Warbird slideshow shot for RetroBomb Magazine

Slide show from the warbirds at Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport for Lunken Days, with Cincinnati Warbirds EAA Squadron 18 hosting a visit from the Commemorative Air Force B-29 Superfortress’ FIFI’, C-45 Expeditor ‘Bucket of Bolts’, P-51D Mustang ‘Gunfighter’, SB2C Helldiver and Tri-State Warbird Museum’s B-25 Mitchell ‘Axis Nightmare’.
We got to fly in the waist gunner positions of the B-25 Mitchell to shoot air to air in formation with the EAA SQN’s T-6/SNJ and T-28 Trojan.



If you ever get Facebook’s White Screen of Death…

If you ever log into Facebook and it gives you an ALL white screen, one that has no menus, no logout, no escape, and if you tried cookie clearance, and password resets, and browser switching, and even switching computers all fails on you, then try this:

1: Go to https://business.facebook.com

2: From there either create or log into your Facebook business account,

3: Then connect one or more of your pages to manage via that business account, or create a new page from that business account

from then, your personal Facebook ought to function correctly again.
Facebook itself has no ‘how-to’ for this bug of theirs, it was a help forum user discovered fix.
Note that if you add one of your business pages to your business account then it is no longer found in your fav lists in left navigation. Why does Facebook do that? Probably to push you through the Business site side and drop you into the buying advertising mode.

ANZAC Day with Mustang Flights Australia

Looking forward to once again working with Mustang Flights Australia as this ANZAC Day they again grace the skies over the Bargara Dawn Service 2016, honouring our brave service men & women who have given and continue to give so much for us to be able to enjoy life as we know it and our beautiful country! Lest We Forget
P-51D Mustang


Here’s a slideshow and audio recording from last year’s flight over the service.

Claire Marshall Projects’ Flaunt 2016 season

You may recall I photographed the PR for Claire Marshall Projects‘ dance production ‘Flaunt’ in 2014 and that season quickly sold out at the Powerhouse. Here’s your chance to see it again now at Metro Arts Theatre.

Flaunt - Dance Poster

Flaunt – Dance Poster


Team SteadFast

For the latest cover of RetroBomb Magazine we had the opportunity to photograph world record winning WWII warbird and Reno Racer Team SteadFast.

SteadFast is a Yakovlev Yak-3, a World War II Soviet fighter aircraft and considered by some as a superior aircraft to the P-51D Mustang and the Supermarine Spitfire. SteadFast is a late model version of the Yak3u and is powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-2000 engine, William (Will) Whiteside set an official international speed record for piston-engined aircraft in the under-3,000 kg (6,615-pound) category on 10 October 2011, reaching 655 km/hr (407 mph) over a 3-km (1.863-mile) course at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in the United States, greatly exceeding the previous record of 491 km (305 mph) set in 2002 by Jim Wright. The following day, Whiteside used the same aircraft to set an unofficial speed record for aircraft in the category of 670 km/hr (416 mph) over the same 3-km (1.863-mile) course.

We shot SteadFast at Archerfield Airport with pinup models Miss Deco Doll, Kat Creasey and pilot Nick joined us as well.

_MGP2482-Edit _MGP2488-Edit _MGP2522-Edit-Edit-Edit

Mad Men styling

Join us for classic 50s and 60s Mad Men themed photoshoots.

Few styles can beat the ultra classy 1950s and 1960s Mad Men theme and we’re running efficiently paced photoshoots to capture that with classic cars for a very affordable price.

On April 3rd 2016, we’re going to host a series of 15min shoots for just $95 providing 2 finished magazine submission ready retouched images from your selection of proofs, and the chance to be submitted into RetroBomb Magazine. This shoot will be held at a Brisbane location yet to be disclosed.
_MGP1999-EditModels need to arrive on time with outfit, hair and makeup ready to go. Bookings will be from 3pm till 6pm in 15min blocks. First bookings paid get first choice on times. This is a heavily discounted shoot so bookings will be paid in full via PayPal up front. All fields on the following form are required for the booking. Upon booking details will be emailed about location which will be within Brisbane.


PayPal invoices will be sent to the email addresses used in the above form.

Mad Men Styling

Warbird Academy Australia Air 2 Air Event

Last weekend the RetroBomb Magazine team (including Mike and I from AerialPro – aviation air 2 air) gathered to meet Warbird Academy Australia at Caboolture Airfield (YCAB).  A quick flight team shoot was followed by shots of the CAC Winjeel, CAC P-51D Mustang (both from the Australian factory), Tigermoth, SNJ-4 Texas and T-34 Mentor trainers, both on the ground, and then from air to air over Bribie Island before Mike scored an extra sortie over the Glasshouse Mountains of the Sunshine Coast. We also had some local vintage style pinups join us for a fun shoot on the airfield with the crew from G.I. Inc, the WWII reenactment team.


RetroBomb Magazine edition 3 Published

RetroBomb Mag edition 3

RetroBomb Magazine edition three is now live, bigger and better than ever! Rock’n’Roll royalty Linda Gail Lewis and Annie Marie Lewis (Harvey) show us in Chris’s interview that they’re keeping the family of Jerry Lee Lewis very happily in the rock scene, with a new album just released.

Linda Gail Lewis live show

Linda Gail Lewis live show

We chased world record holder and Reno Air Races winner Team SteadFast via Great Eastern Fly-In Evans Head, Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield and to the historical Art Deco Archerfield Airport in Brisbane where it features in our covershoot with vintage styling and market maven, Kat Creasey.


Our Warbird Roadshow also spent a week covering vintage aviation at Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport with Commemorative Air Force B29 B24 Squadron, Cincinnati Warbirds EAA Squadron 18 and the Tri-State Warbird Museum. Matt Savage from Mach One Photography covers the Tyabb Air Show and previews the biannual event scheduled for March 13th. Allen Gray of A Touch of Gray Photography shows us the WWI vintage aviation as part of the Avalon Airshow.


Merging classic fashion, pinup and vintage aviation like no other, we have a not previously seen image of the stunning Miss Victory Violet rocking Stop Staring! style at MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) in New Zealand with the giant S45A Short Solent seaplane.

Victory Violet at MOTAT

Vintage car lovers are spoilt rotten with Dick’s Classic Garage‘s regular column shot by Trent Sherrill Photography, Phill’s Kustom Photography and I tag team GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival photography before he shocked us with amazing photos from Mooneyes MOON OF JAPAN, INC. show coverage. Matt Redwood of Belair Photography features Kane’o Custom Kreations in the first of a series on pinstriping and old school arts. Yet more vintage, custom and classic car coverage from the Metalbrite customer car show, and our tour to St. Louis found us doing pinup photos with hotrods at Schaefer Automotive, and hosted a day for four children to have a hands on introduction to classic cars with four Chevrolet Corvettes from the 50s and 60s.
The very talented Roxie Kitten started out West Coast US event coverage with the Gatsby Summer Afternoon and more.
RetroBomb continues its Veteran coverage with an interview with Kate, Commander of the DAV Aux Northern Kentucky #19, They Gave It All covers a visit with the reunion of survivors of the USAAF 100th Bomb Group of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, and Pacific Dakota Restorations enjoyed celebrations of the DC3s 80th birthday. We previewed the Drive – Fly and Gallop in! Groot the truck fundraising event for Endeavour Foundation. All that and more in one of the most affordable download and keep magazines you’ll find. Hard copy also available at http://www.magcloud.com/user/retrobombmagazine
*drops mic*

Mark Greenmantle, Editor In Chief, RetroBomb Magazine.