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Are you ready for Halloween yet?

If you’ve spent ages getting your costume ready for Halloween you want the best possible photos taken to show it off for years to come. Through October you can book for Halloween themed shoots where we ensure your costume and special effects are given the most fangtastic digital treatment. We can edit backdrops, and special effects to enhance your look and give you a spooktacular Halloween experience. This shoot is available in Brisbane only.

We can shoot with individuals, groups and families. For quotes and bookings for your custom Halloween photo shoot, please use the below form.


Annie and the Newport

Photoset of Annie’s vintage style shoot at Ol School Garage with the 1961 Chrysler Newport.
Shot for RetroBomb Magazine. Annie’s top from ‘That Shop’.



Year                                         1961
Make                                Chrysler
Model                              Newport
Body                                     Coupe
Engine               361ci Cross-Ram
Trans          Torqueflite 727 auto

Cherie at Oshkosh

Classic pinup style shoot with Cherie at Oshkosh 2014 with WWII armoured vehicle, two P-40 warhawks and an SNJ trainer.

CherryBomb Vintage Couture

A while back our team enjoyed a day shooting with CherryBomb Vintage Couture, a wonderful new vintage style fashion designer based in Toowoomba.

The day hardly seemed like work as we all had a great time shooting together. The classy models worked perfectly with the terrific backdrops of the USQ Japanese Gardens and with Aerotec’s Warbirds at Toowoomba airport.


Sid Bengal – Steampunk Cat

I was approached by a fan of my work regarding Sid Bengal, my old cat from 2009. Sid was the store cat from when I had space for my photography business in the front of Voodoo Lulu in the Valley. He was ridiculously entertaining and accommodating of of us as he was used as our Steampunk model in shoots. Images of him were copied all over the net and he’d become one of the most famous Steampunk Cats on the web. So here he is, the before and after shots so you can see him with and without the goggles. He’s also seen here on the drive to work. It was the only way he’d travel – claws in the dash mat, watching all the other drivers.

Godox AD600B test at Caboolture Wings and Wheels

While shooting for RetroBomb Magazine  pinup, warbird and classic car editorial I had Phill from Phill’s Kustom Photography with me yesterday at Caboolture Warplane & Flight Heritage Museum as we were pushing the latest Godox Photo Equipment Co. Ltd AD600B flash to see how much we could balance against the harsh Australian sun with one single unit. Phill has just bought the other version of the same flash with a slightly different head on it and after joining me yesterday he’s mighty keen for his flash arrival as well. For those just here for the pics, enjoy…

For the image tech folk, read on:

The AD600B is a 600w/s battery powered flash head with the battery clipped onto the back of the unit rather than connected to a floor pack. The flash is triggered via the X1N wireless 2.4G hotshoe transmitter (also by Godox) which has a tremendous range and while I usually shoot fully manual it’s capable of running full iTTL for those who prefer to let pre-flash decide their flash brightness. The X1N (or X1C for Canon users) allows you to change flash settings from atop the hotshoe, with switching from manual to TTL and fast sync, channel settings all built in to the transmitter and within the flashes. No other external adapters required. 
The AD600B battery has a claimed 500 full 1/1 flashes from a single charge and I’d like to say that’s right, but my testing so far has yet to run the battery down in one test. Yesterday I’d have shot at least 400 full power flashes and the battery is still reading as a full charge. I’ll have to look into why, but suspect shooting at 1/8000th, less charge is drawn for the far quicker exposure. I’d expected to check it on arriving home to see it exhausted.
 I have a second Godox 600w/s unit that’s mains powered and it also syncs at that ridiculously quick 1/8000th speed. I am tempted to invest in the floor pack so I can double my outdoor shooting fun. It used to be that to get shadow detail balanced with bright Aussie skies I had to set up multiple flashes AND use a polarising filter to keep shutter speed to 1/200th second but that’s no longer necessary.

The Godox AD600B weighs only 2.66kg (just under 6lbs) with the battery on so it requires a quality flash stand especially if you’re shooting with umbrella, beauty dish, or in high winds like we had yesterday. Don’t go cheap on the stand size or strength or your flash investment is going to be short lived.

The other option with these is to buy two of the AD600 units and purchase one of the Godox 1200w/s flash heads (H1200) as it can run charge from two units. products_ad600_09Strap the two flash units to the lightstand base and you have a much more stable platform (and double the light through one high end flash head) with the lighter and smaller size strobe head only atop the light stand.


 These images were captured at 1/8000th at f/3.5 to throw the background further out of focus, ISO 640 on a D800 with 24-70mm glass with the AD600B at 1/1, and I could have pulled back the flash settings but for the large beauty dish I used all day via the Bowen mount on the flash.


Steampunk product shots – Blackbird’s Emporium

Recently I shot some product imagery for Blackbird’s Emporium, a collective of Australian artisans who turn recycling into sculpture or wearable art, with steampunk a regular theme.

The Barn & Scotty’s Garage

I’d meant to post this gallery of classic cars, hotrods, and vintage bikes at The Barn & Scotty’s Garage last week however an uninvited and faulty operating system update became a gigantic workflow breach – hence my Sunday afternoon catching up now.  About a year back I first spotted this venue on social media and had been keen to shoot there since. Luckily Kat Creasey of the Gold Coast Design Collective  had recently set up an event there for the vintage food vans and classic cars as a destination cruise in event and it was topped off with us being graced with perfect weather.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can find the venue via:
Telephone: 07 4697 5334
1709 Flagstone Creek Road Upper Flagstone Q 4344

Asphalt Demons Dirt Race Invitational 2016

Asphalt Demons held their 6th annual dirt race invitational at Archer Falls Airfield in the paddock and front taxiway. The wide collection of classic cars, hotrods, bikes, aircraft and mischief makes this one of the most enjoyable events in the SEQ motoring calendar and with quite a few car clubs at the event, the focus is definitely on fun, not being the fastest. 

More images from this event coming this week. All images available as prints – please use the contact form at the end of the post for print requests.



Request prints via the following form and I will contact you back regarding sizing and costs:

Pinups and Hotrods – editorial shoots

We’ll be announcing another day of retro fashion editorial shoots with pinups, classic cars and hotrods soon based on Brisbane’s southside.  Some will be for RetroBomb Magazine editorial, and some just for folios.