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Mark Greenmantle Photography actually started off as a hobby in 1993, shooting events on a vintage Nikon FM-2 (I still have this), and doing traditional art work for a store in town, painting murals and tee-shirts and other items.  In 1996 I joined NewsLtd and started working in the newsroom of The Courier-Mail in Brisbane, Australia and developed more arts, admin and, thanks to the generous mentoring of the  photographic staff there I greatly enhanced my skills behind the camera there for just under eleven years.

From there I hit the freelance market, with years of event and nightclub photography giving me an edge to shoot well in the trickiest of low light situations. Shooting also for editorial and advertising markets in fashion, bridal and events, and covering an increasingly commercial market eventually found me gravitating toward merging my background of military reenactment coverage and fashion, and so began my volunteering for various military Veteran projects in Australia and the United States.

Added to that I enjoy far more vintage style work thanks to being Managing Editor of RetroBomb Magazine, with more pinups, vintage aviation, classic cars, fashion, lifestyle, music reviews and travel.

I’m an experienced working photographer, a natural troubleshooter when either nature or third parties provide wildcards affecting jobs. Having worked directly with everyone from rock stars, WWII Veterans and fighter aces, world leaders, millionaires all the way to street folk, children and animals, all are treated with the same friendly attitude, care and always mindful of privacy, security and risk management for any situation. I’m often found in the company of aviators, most often warbird pilots arranging air to air photography however I enjoy most genres of photography.



At work between shoots at EAA Oshkosh Airventure

Me in rear of SNJ for air to air photography

Me in rear of SNJ for air to air photography

RB00001-Madison cover 1600